I am the lead developer for WordPress plugins at PluginBuddy.com. I have 12+ years of experience in ares related to my career including web development, PHP, mySQL, and HTML. I also have experience with Assembly, VHDL, C, C++, LabView, Cadence, circuit design & repair, and more. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2009 with a degree in Computer Engineering and am currently employed at iThemes & PluginBuddy as of January of 2010.

I enjoy Team Fortress 2 and badgers.

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  1. I am not able to get my purchased copy of back up buddy to work with WP 3.05 on a Synology NAS.
    I have a file with the details of what I have tried, output from server buddy, and zip_test.php if you want to look at it. I did not find a place to submit a request for help at the iThemes website.


  2. I am haiving a serious problem setting up backupbuddy and have been to the support site and can’t post on the forum. This is the first forum I have ever seen where it costs money to join or ask a question. I dont have $300 to be able to ask a support question.

    Is there any way to get in touch with “You” “Dustin” the “Developer”?

  3. I am running the importbuddy.php script and it is giving me an error saying “1. Logging in to server … Failed.
    Error: Unknown MySQL server host”

    I have stupid hosting with Godaddy and they place the MySQL Database on a seperate server, seperate from where my WP blog resides.

    Is there a workaround? Can I edit the importbuddy.php and tell the script where my server is so it is known to the program? I am stuck on the BackupBuddy Restoration & Migration Tool Step 4 of 6 setup and cant go any further.

    Is this only able to be setup if the MySQL database is on the same server as WP?

    I can’t find support for this either whithout having to pay out the nose.

  4. On the importbuddy step that asks for your Database Server (mysql) details, change the mysql server address that defaults to localhost to the server address of the Godaddy mysql server. For future reference you may access our support at http://ithemes.com/support/ as this is my personal site. Thanks!

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