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Mae Ploy Thai Yellow Curry Recipe

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⁃ Measure out 50 grams of curry paste and put in sauce pan
⁃ Put about twice as much (~100grams, doesn’t need to be exact) of the coconut milk in sauce pain
⁃ Gently fry the paste in the coconut oil until fragrant (1 or 2 minutes) to bring out flavors
⁃ Add rest of coconut milk from can and turn up heat to start bringing to boil
⁃ Add in Xylitol or other sweetener to taste
⁃ Add in vegetables or meats in order of how long they take so they all finish cooking around the same time such as
⁃ Carrots
⁃ Onions
⁃ Potatoes
⁃ Chicken
⁃ Shrimp
⁃ Reduce to simmering once it comes to a boil
⁃ It’s ready when veggies and meat are done to your liking.

Serve on steamed white (Jasmine tastiest) or brown rice, converted rice (lower glycemix index), cauliflower rice, or try things.
Top with a handful of raw cashews.
If you want it thicker then let paste/coconut milk mixture cook longer before adding veggies and meat.
If flavor is too strong then skip frying the paste at the beginning and just mix paste and coconut milk together at the start.
Ground beef does NOT work well with this. It soaks up the curry and then you can’t taste it.