Pastor goes on defense over supposed anti-republican Facebook status

I have been shocked by the beliefs and ignorance of church leaders many times (though no longer surprised) throughout the years.  Organized religion seems to be a breeding ground of fear, hate, and ignorance; though one may argue that these are willful attributes and they are only hiding their beliefs behind their religion for use as justification.  It’s certain that not everyone involved in the church are like this, but unfortunately a great number are.  This is why so much of the rest of the world is so shocked by many of the beliefs held by many in our country.  Much of it just doesn’t make logical sense.  It’s like much of the country is now propelled and driven by emotion and ignorance rather than logic and sound thinking and the church is part of the driving force behind this.

About a year ago I ‘friended’ the youth group leader on Facebook from the church I went to several years ago.  Today I posted the following to Twitter which was mirrored to my Facebook status.

In case you haven’t read about the RNC 2004 mass arrests of peaceful protesters (not an isolated incident)…

The youth group leader, which I later learned is now the pastor of the church, made this reply:

And it’s obtuse willfully ignorant posts like this one that has helped me make the decision to remove you from my friend list. You just keep on acting like republicans have a monopoly on questionable behavior. What about the Black Panthers “patroling the polls” in 2008? How about the ACORN wingnuts and their general lack of regard for the law? … See MoreMaybe you should look into the kkk’s roots in the democratic party and their stated goal to appose the encroachment of blacks Jews Catholics the GOP and other such “undesirables.” To act like either party is innocent of injustices is willfully ignorant. Goodbye and enjoy your trip through the arrogance of youth.

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