General Setup menu missing in Eventum

A couple of weeks into using Eventum, the bug tracking system made by the creators of MySQL, the General Setup section under Administration disappeared. This was where you would set up all of the Eventum-specific settings such as email configuration, notifications, etc. I was still able to add and manage projects but not configure Eventum itself. I discovered this post which offered a working fix for this problem. Here is the working solution they provided (works as of Eventum 2.3.1):

Apparently, it sometimes happens that your account is not registered as an ‘Admin’ account. You have find the id of your user account in the table ‘user’. Then find the corresponding row(s) in the table ‘project_user” and set the field ‘pru_role’ to ’7′.

One thought on “General Setup menu missing in Eventum”

  1. Dustin,

    Thanks for posting this Eventum tip – For an issue tracking FOSS they are pretty light on sharing the issues that can really stump somebody.

    I was chasing this problem in a lot of directions before any solution came up – and it was thanks to you and Google that I was able to find this one!

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