Capital One: The capital of bad web development?

I discovered a few days ago that my Visa credit card from Capital One had expired but I never got a new card in the mail. I finally got around today to signing in online to request a new card. I saw that I could create a custom personalized card with the image of my choice on it. Clicking on this feature popped up a new window (tsk tsk) for me to begin the process. I accidently closed this evil popup at one point and thought I could just start over creating a card. WRONG! Apparantly their system is so poorly coded that once you begin you can’t start over for THREE HOURS.

We’re sorry but it looks like you have recently visited the Image Card site. Please close this browser window and return to the original.

If you’ve already closed the original window, you will need to wait 3 hours before returning to the Image Card site. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Dear Capital One: It’s 2010.

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